Textile & Clothing

Textile is the largest sector of our exports, and the single largest employer. To endeavor to move forward rapidly on the export front, it is inevitable that special attention be paid towards this sector. We have tried to provide a focused approach in attaining this objective. Steady growth in worldwide demand in Textile & Clothing and rapid changes in the fashion industry have made it unavoidable to equip this sector with modern techniques and technology to make it nimble-footed enough to identify and respond to changing tastes worldwide. Our Division keeps a strong liaison with the major Textile related Associations on this platform. The Division has been doing a region-wise market study to see the demand and future trends in Textile Sector in different countries and regions. Following are the main items we deal in.

Denim Jeans- Bed sheets-Cotton Yarn- Hosiery- Garments-Towels-Medical Clothing-Cotton waste-Carpets- Rugs (Silk-Wool-Synthetic) Silk & Rayan,Fabric, Home Textile, Knitwear & Hosiery, Apparel, Canvas & Tents

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