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Situated on Lawrence college road Murree. A truly elegant living in the most beautiful and picturesque tourist hill station of Pakistan.

The “Dynasty properties” comprizing of 25 Acres and is a privately owned and family inherited land with single authorized signatory, located on the main Lawrence College Road Murree (around 7000 ft above the sea level), around 45 Km East of Islamabad, overlooking the green woods and facing Patriata hills (around 8000 ft above the sea level) in the south, at a driving distance of 50 min from Islamabad via Express Highway and 1 hour, 15 min via old Murree Road. Our group owns and possesses the said land, therefore the prospective buyers can take possession and legally get the title of land transferred in their names after paying the price in full and may immediately start housing construction. 

  1. Water Supply:
  • Natural springs/tube wells. Sub soil water is available at a depth of 50-170 feet and is sufficient for one house.
  • Municipal source. Present water storage capacity is approx 8m gallons per day, which is being enhanced to 10m gallons per day.
  • Bulk water supply scheme: A water supply project of The Government of Punjab is under fast development, by Siemens Pakistan. Water will be pumped from Jhelum River through 8 pumping stations and stored & filtered at Patriata hill (8000 ft above sea level) with a capacity of 5 million gallons per day and there after supplied to Murree. However further expansion process shall continue during the period.
  1. Natural Gas. The nearest supply line is situated at a distance of around 1 km from the Site.

  2. Electricity: Electricity is available at the project site. A link Road has been constructed by the   Government of Punjab, which connects the Express Highway with the Lawrence College Road at a distance of ½ km from our site.2. Natural Gas. The nearest supply line is situated at a distance of around 1 km from the Site.

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